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Welcome to Christ Church Moreton Hall. Christ Church was founded by all the Christian denominations in Bury St. Edmunds in 1985. Over the years we have developed into a Church where every Christian is able to worship and serve Christ regardless of denomination background. It is our aim to share the love of Christ with everyone, whatever their need, background or past. Christ Church is a Church of England Parish which is completely Ecumenical. Please use the links down the left hand side of the page to find out more about us.

Upcoming Services

Sunday 1st February

8:30am Holy Communion

Christopher Andrews

10:30am All Age Worship

Alex Theobald / Vatha Theobald
Alex Theobald / Vatha Theobald

6:30pm Prayer Evening

Jane Harper

Purpose Driven Life: What is my purpose? by Rev Jonathan Ford

27:31 minutes (9.28 MB)

Ministers New year Message for January 2015

I would like to wish you all a very prosperous New Year and hope you had a terrific Christmas.  We had a wonderful Christmas at Christ Church, Moreton Hall.  Approximately two thousand people attended our services.  That’s not a misprint – it’s absolutely true.  So my first thank you goes to all those people who attended the District Guiding and Brownie carol service, the Community Choir concert, the Bury St. Edmunds Concert Band and Sebert Wood Singers concert and the Sebert Wood School Christmas play.  That’s not to mention the Shoebox Service, the Christingle Service, the Crib Services, the Nine Lessons and Carols and the services at Midnight on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.


My heart really goes out to the community for their positive support for both the Shoebox appeal and the food-bank.  When it was finished two hundred and eighty six shoeboxes were sent from this estate to Serbia.  That’s two hundred and eighty six smiling happy faces which we have created.  Also over one hundred and fifty food-bank bags went out and many of them were returned, emptied and sent out again.  I cannot calculate how many families have been blessed and helped this Christmas time and early into the New Year by your generosity.  From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you.  It is so wonderful to see the community coming together to help people in need whether they are in Bury St. Edmunds or overseas. 

Christmas 2014 Message from the minister

As we approach Christmas, there is so much to do and so many human needs around us, as well as all the infuriating adverts, that it is easy to become exasperated and spoil Christmas long before it has happened. 


The Christmas story of Joseph and Mary arriving in Bethlehem is both tragic and wonderful.  Tragic because the Holy Family were rejected, they went without and were probably hungry as they lay in the cattle shed waiting for the baby to come.  But it is also wonderful because all heaven celebrated, the shepherds stood in wonder, and the kings brought marvellous gifts after thousands of miles of travel and, of course, the history of the world was changed.

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