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Welcome to Christ Church Moreton Hall. Christ Church was founded by all the Christian denominations in Bury St. Edmunds in 1985. Over the years we have developed into a Church where every Christian is able to worship and serve Christ regardless of denomination background. It is our aim to share the love of Christ with everyone, whatever their need, background or past. Christ Church is a Church of England Parish which is completely Ecumenical. Please use the links down the left hand side of the page to find out more about us.

Upcoming Services

Sunday 20th April

10:30am Easter Holy Communion

Jonathan Ford
David Carpenter

Newsline (16th February)

Annual Meeting and Electoral Roll
The annual meeting of the church will be held on Monday 10th March at 7.30pm.
Nominations  for church wardens and church council members will be taken soon.  
All church council members are elected or re-elected for one year at a time.  There are spaces for new members - please consider this prayerfully.  Do not nominate anyone without asking them!
Please remember that if you want to serve on the church council or nominate someone or vote in this election, you must be on the Christ Church electoral roll.  If you are not at present on the roll, please see Gillian Corwin, electoral roll officer, for a form and to check your eligibility. Please do this as soon as possible as the electoral roll is closed from Tuesday 25th February.  Thank you.
There is a copy of the present electoral roll in the entrance hall for you to check.  If you cannot get to church, contact the office for assistance (phone and email as above).
Slightly different rules apply for electing the church wardens.

January 2014 Minister's Blog

2014 marks some significant anniversaries. For some it will be the fifty-first year of Dr. Who; for others the end of their time in office as an elected official. For Christ Church, Moreton Hall, it marks the twenty-first year of ministry in our building, and the twenty-eighth year of a church community on this estate.

In the twenty-three years I have been here I have watched the estate grow from barely one thousand homes to nearly three and half thousand. Soon another five hundred homes will be constructed around the Flying Fortress public house. Then possibly a further one thousand two hundred on the other side of the railway tracks. How are we to respond to all these new people joining us here on Moreton Hall?

For me, at this time of year my thoughts turn to Christmas and its true significance. Jesus Christ was born as a baby to achieve many things – to teach the truth about God; to heal people; to perform miracles; and above all, to die and rise again for our sins. But he also came to create a new sort of community – the church. This was to be a community that worked within the larger community showing by example and through love and forgiveness what human relationships could be like; a place of joy and contentment, laughter and fellowship, but also where the deeper issues that trouble our souls can be dealt with and healed as well as our bodies and our relationships.

Philippines Typhoon Appeal

No doubt you've heard on the news this weekend about the Typhoon which hit part of the Philippines. The news coming out of the region is not good and World Vision have launched an appeal to help in the relief. The people there need water and food and they need it quickly.

Anything you are able to give for this appeal will be gratefully received. Thank you on behalf of our friends at World Vision and the people of the Philippines.


Please pass on this link to your friends.

Thank you

Newsline (22nd Sept)

A community for singing - singing for a community
We would love you to come and join us on Sunday September 29th when the morning service will include a launch of the  community choir. The invited speaker will be Dave Gardner from the Diocese and the choir leader Barry Hart will also take part together with some of his present choir members.  It will be an opportunity to learn more about how you can be a part of this exciting new venture into the community.
If you want to know more ask Philippa Morphew, Sue Radcliffe or Mike and Eileen Ryall.
Harvest Celebration
Sunday 6th October
10.30am Worship Together
We are collecting goods for the Food Bank this year
Suggested items (see full list at church)
tins or packets of soup, bottled or tinned sauces, 
tins of meat, vegetables, fish, baked beans, spaghetti, fruit, rice pudding
pasta, rice, noodles, breakfast cereals, tea or coffee
small packets of sugar, UHT/powdered milk
When donating food, please ensure that it has a "best before date" of at least 6 months in advance
Services in October and November
Please note that there are changes to the October and November evening services.  Also November mornings are rearranged! 
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