A Christmas Message

Due to the world economic crisis this is probably going to be one of the most miserable Christmas’s on record. Even if you have kept your job and you house is safe the edge will be taken off Christmas if you worried about losing them. Which is a great pity because Christmas is all about celebrating, for God the father was delighted to give his son to the world. Mary and Joseph felt so privileged to be his parents and were filled with joy. The kings, the shepherds and the inn keeper looked on in wonder and were the happiest people on earth. And heaven itself could not contain itself as the Angels partied as the events unfolded. Christmas is supposed to be Fun so let’s enjoy it and do it together.

So at Christ Church Moreton Hall we are going to keep the fun in the festival and make the holiday really happy. So in Sunday the 7th at 10:30am we will be holding our annual Christingle all age service, where every child who comes get a Christingle orange and has a great time. This is a great way t start advent off. Then on Sunday the 21st at 10:30am we have our Nativity service where the Sunday school perform a specially written play all about the Baby Jesus story, and then in the evening at 6:30pm we have the traditional Nine lessons by candlelight with mince pies and mulled wine to follow.

Then on Christmas Eve at 4:00PM we have an All New Crib service. As we gather to put the figures in the crib there will also be a great puppet show lead by our drama group. Then there will be coffee and cake afterwards for everyone. This will be a super time for everyone. Later on will be our midnight communion service and then on Christmas day the will be early communion at 8:30AM and a family service at 10:30AM when you can bring your presents and tell about how much they mean to you.

So don’t be downcast but come and join the greatest party on earth, a party that link heaven to earth and the father’s heart with all his children. It is a time to renew relationships and restore faith as young and old families and singles sing eat smile and pray together in the home of our God and Friend Jesus. See you there.

With every blessing

Jonathan Ford