About Christ Church Moreton Hall

Christ ChurchChrist Church was founded by all the Christian denominations in Bury St. Edmunds in 1985. It is situated on the Moreton Hall estate - a modern housing estate situated the east of Bury St Edmunds with an increasing population of over 7000. Over the years we have developed into a Church where every Christian is able to worship and serve Christ regardless of denomination background. It is our aim to share the love of Christ with everyone, whatever their need, background or past. Christ Church is a Church of England Parish which is completely Ecumencical.Preaching This is a brief outline of our history and how we became a Church in which all Denominations and Traditions works and Worship together as one Fellowship.

October 1985
The first Service in the Community Centre.
October 1987
The appointment of the first Minister - Captain Pat Mottram.
September 1990
Creation of Conventional District and appointment of second Minister, Reverend Jonathan Ford.
January 1991
Raising of the Cross on the land allocated by the council for the new Church building.
October 1991
Launch of building Appeal.
December 1993
Christ Church Moreton Hall opened for the first service.
April 1994
Dedication of Christ Church Moreton Hall.
July 1994
Creation of New Parish.
February 1996
Signing of Declaration of Ecumenical Commitment
October 1996
Launch of Church Extension appeal.
July 1997
Nigel Corwin ordained Deacon, and appointed Curate of Christ Church
December 1997
New Church Hall opened
July 1998
Nigel Corwin ordained Priest
July 1999
Matt Boyes ordained Deacon and appointed Curate of Christ Church
July 2000
Matt Boyes ordained Priest
July 2002
Matt Boyes leaves Christ Church to take charge of his own Parish
September 2004
Student Youthworker Peter Ambler joins Christ Church at the start of his three year course
October 2004
Declaration of Ecumenical Commitment reviewed and signed.
January 2006
Restructuring of church leadership, resulting in creation of Worship, Evangelism, Admin, Ministry, Children & Youth, Finance and Building departments.
June 2007
David Grantham ordained Deacon and appointed Curate of Christ Church
April 2008
Jonathan Ford installed as an honorary Canon at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.
June 2008
David Grantham ordained Priest

Knowing Jesus brings a deep peace, as well as the joy of having His personal friendship. We would like you to find Him too. If you already know Him please feel free to join in with everything we do. This website seeks to give you a clear guide to all we do. If there is anything you need that we have not mentioned please contact us. The Minister, Jonathan Ford is always available to call if required. Christ Church seeks to serve the whole of the Moreton Hall Area.


Inside CCMH at night