April 2012 The Minister's Community News Letter

For many people the most important part of Easter is the number and size of the eggs you get to celebrate it. If you are the right age, you might want to come on our Egg hunt on 5th April at 2: 00pm.

Easter is a real chocolate feast for so many, but that begs the question, why do we celebrate Easter with eggs? The egg became an Easter symbol because in the springtime, the young birds break out of the encasement of the shell of the egg to a full and complete life.  People were reminded of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who having died, was enclosed in a tomb and then, three days later, broke out. Not to continue the life He had before, but began a new life.   

There was further symbolism in that people saw their lives before becoming Christians as being encased in darkness and sin. Then because of the resurrection, they could break out of that restricted life to a new and better life in Christ.  It also contains the Christian hope that although one day we too will be encased in a tomb or a coffin. Then on the return of Jesus Christ to judge and rule the world, we will break out of our graves to stand in the new life of heaven, which he gives us.

 Because this insight has been lost from the sharing and giving of Easter eggs, some wise Christians have produced a proper Christian Easter egg.  It is still chocolate and it is still egg shaped, but it does tell the Easter story and what it means.  Many supermarkets have chosen to stock this egg but in Bury St. Edmunds I understand they have not.  If you want to celebrate Easter properly, why not get your Christian Easter egg from St. John’s Street Just Traid centre.  It will be made of chocolate that has ensured the people who produced it get a fair price for it.  You will also be able to instruct the children and others who receive the egg about the true meaning of Easter. 

I note that despite the budget the economic crisis continues.  People do feel trapped in confined, dark places.  People are being asked to do the same work for less money.  The spectre of unemployment hangs over them.  The larger spectre of indebtedness which may mean they lose their homes, haunts so many.  However, there are those who are finding that by turning to Christ a new life is theirs.  It does not necessarily mean that all your worries disappear overnight.  However, you do receive the peace of God, which passes all understanding. You also receive a sure and certain hope of knowing that whatever may happen in he will give you strength to face the challenges we all have to encounter.  More than that, God does move in mysterious ways.  We have just had our Gift Day to enable us to continue to improve the facilities at our church and by and large all the money we needed has come in.  God does act and change our circumstances beyond all recognition.  

 At a time when our nation is questioning some of the fundamental truths of the Christian faith; the nature of marriage as described in the Bible and the need for Chaplains in hospital. This at a time when we are searching for a new Archbishop, perhaps it is worth reminding ourselves that the essential teaching of the Christian church is still true.  At Easter we remember that Jesus rose from the dead so that we could all have hope, freedom from sin, a new life, new possibilities, and the guiding hand of God in our lives every day. Now is a good time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter eggs and in this holiday time, take a few moments either to recommit yourself to God, or to find Him for the first time.  It will truly change your life for good. 

With every good wish, 

Yours sincerely,

 Revd. Canon Jonathan Ford.

Minister Christ Church Moreton Hall