August 2011 Ministers Community Newsletter

I hope you are having a lovely August and many of you are enjoying your break.  As you know, at the end of August, running up to the start of the school term, we always hold our Holiday Bible Club.  This year it is called “Razamatazz Robots” and it’s on from Tuesday 30th August through to Sunday 4th September when we have a special service.  It’s fun for all youngsters from the age of 5 through to 12 and we do hope you will come along and enjoy it. 

  This year we also hope to introduce to you a new way of doing church called D.I.G. which stands for Delight In God.  We are finding that lots of people are interested in authentic Christianity and in the moral teaching that it provides, so on Sunday mornings this will be our new way of reaching out to young people.  In addition to that, we have two other groups.  Seedlings, which is for mums with pre-school children.  This is when we come together for two hours and do lots of creative play around Christian themes and teaching.  It’s a good opportunity to make friends and for your child to learn in a safe and secure environment about all the good things Jesus has to share.  We also have an after school club called Saplings which meets on Fridays for children aged 5 to 9.  This is for people who want to learn more about the Christian faith and for their children to grow in the right way. 

  Which leads me neatly to the question of religious education in schools.  There are some loud voices who want to see all forms of religion removed from schools and for there to be no religious education of any sort.  There is a problem with this position in that if people are ignorant of religion it makes it so much easier for charlatans and the wrong teachers of religion to prosper and grow.  All our children need to have a proper and mature understanding of all religions and this needs to be provided in the safe environment of their local school. 

In addition to that, it is becoming clear that Christian teaching, its morality and its standards, is something that strengthens society, improves family life and produces more well-rounded people.  Also much of the literature that surrounds our nation’s national life is based upon the Bible stories.  If young people don’t have exposure to these stories and the values that go with them their lives are both spiritually and culturally impoverished. 

  That is why I want to take this opportunity of applauding Sebert Wood School for all the work it does in conjunction with Christ Church Moreton Hall, and also to really appreciate the work that the new Headmistress at Abbots Green is doing in improving religious contacts in the community at this time.  In the end, whatever we want our young people to do with their lives, they must be able to make an informed choice.  Religion in general, and Christianity in particular, has much to offer them.  It has also made a significant positive contribution to society which unfortunately the headline grabbers and those who write them seem to forget.  

 Finally, as some great writer once said, “There is a God shaped hole in all of us.”  Every once in a while we do think about the big questions and ask what is our place in the great scheme of things.  Once again this autumn, on 22nd September, we will be launching our Alpha course.  Why not ring us on 725391 and book a place?  You will find interesting people, interesting topics, great food, a chance to laugh and share, and above all an opportunity to get closer to God.   

I know you are in the middle of your August holidays.  There is so much to do and so much to think about, but why not consider what is going on in your local community which could really improve the quality of your life? 

With every good wish,

Revd. Canon Jonathan Ford.

Minister Christ Church Moreton Hall