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Plus One

The leaders of the children and youth departments are to meet from 10am till 3pm on Monday June 4th at Age Concern, Saxon House, to discuss the future of the young peoples ministry in Christ Church, with a view to growth and development of the age groups and leadership. The away day is called "Plus One", based on the parable of the lost sheep. The discussions will be based on a paper written by Peter Ambler, our student youth worker.

The church are invited to pray for this significant meeting.

Children and Youth

Waiters and Waitresses.

On behalf of the church and the guests who attended the Esther McCarthy "By Invitation" evening I would like to say a big thank you to all the young people who served the visitors so well. One comment that was said to me was "Did you hirer in the waitresses and waiters, they were so professional".

Well done young people we are proud of you and thank you for giving so much time on a Saturday and pleasure as you served us all.

John Radcliffe - Children and Youth Director

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Elisha the Prophet: God knew Elisha was the right person to take over from Elijah and God's power was with him.

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