Letter from the Minister for June 2008

In the middle of May was Christian Aid week, and in 2007 we collected £1600 from the generous people of Moreton Hall. Other churches help us cover the estate and I don’t know what they collected last year.

As we held the service on the 11th people could not be reminded of both Burma’s cyclone and China’s Earthquake. But also in the news that week was the news that every year in Britain 3.6 million tons of food is thrown away un-eaten. 60% of it has not gone past its sell by date and is still unwrapped. We spend £10.2 billion on food we never eat. That means ever year each man woman and child spend nearly £170 each on food that will never get to the table let alone to the mouth. If only that money was not thrown away, look how much more could be done for those in need.

Maybe these things touched people hearts this year, or maybe they remembered that the coins notes and cheques that go into that big red envelope means some people in Africa don’t starve to death. It means, children won’t have to sit there and watch their parents die of Aids. It also means someone will not have to watch their children die of a curable disease because they only have dirty water to drink.

It is strange we know all those things are true - yet we never say them... or even think them... maybe we should from now on.

Obviously something did touch the people of Moreton all this year because they gave £2,300 and there is another £200 to come back from the Tax man. The total will rise even higher when we know what the other churches have collected.

So well done and thank you Moreton Hall. Every envelope will make a difference and probably save a life. And a very special thank you to all those who delivered and collected them, your hard work means that for people you will never meet, the world is now a better place.

Revd. Jonathan Ford