Letter from the Minister - July 2009

So parliament has a new speaker and we wish him well. There is no doubt that our faith in our democratic institutions has been profoundly shaken by recent revelations. But our disenchantment has been increasing long before this. Judging by the way we no longer are bothering to vote. (Barely 10% this time, down from 75% in 1970's.) We are sick and tired of being lied to and by sense of powerlessness that a seemingly ineffective political process brings. How far are we away from the scenes in Iran I wonder?
I take comfort from the fact that the Bible clearly teaches that God knows all about this and the political process and not only rules supreme over it but intervenes when He sees fit. (Read Psalm 2) as he has done in the last weeks. Luke 8:17 Jesus says: "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open."
At times like this it is very hard to know what to do. The democratic process is vital to our security and well being in this country. If we neglect it we run the risk of extremists gaining power or worse we are governed politicians who are only there to serve themselves. There is no point in putting the inexperienced into office for they could make things far worse.

He calls on all Christians to be fully involved in the political process and to work to be salt and light in these situations. That it ay we are honoured to host the Civic service on the Sunday 19th July when our Borough Mayor Pat Warby and many mayors from West Suffolk will attend and ask God for his help in the years that lie ahead.

He also restores the fallen. We expect him to forgive us when we fail, can we forgive our leaders as he does? King David was forgiven, for many sins including murder and adultery. We also need to learn the lessons of History. One of the most effective politicians this country has ever produced was another David. David Lloyd George. (Founder of the welfare state from which we all benefit today) He had a very questionable moral background despite having a Christian upbringing. If he was in politics today and revelations of his private life came out, he would be drummed out of office inside a week, but his great work would never have been completed.

So what to do

  1. Take part: express an opinion and vote.
  2. Support those who stand by going to meetings and talk with them when you can. Don’t just moan about them.
  3. Show mercy to this who fail: Just because some of our politicians make poor judgements it doesn’t mean they are ineffective or should not continue in office.
  4. Pray. Parliament begins with prayer every day. That something we all could do with an election less than a year away