Ministers letter for July 2010

The month of June has been one of the saddest I have ever known.  The deaths of Susie Goldby (27), Kieran Jennings (12), and of Keziah Smitt (20) have brought a tremendous shock and sadness to everyone who lives here.  Each one of them had their whole lives ahead of them and yet were already people whom we loved, admired and who had made a significant contribution to our lives. Christ Church, has been particularly affected by the loss of Keziah Smitt.  Kez, as she was known to everyone, was one of our youth leaders and, as was one of that small but dedicated band who have done so much for young people on this estate over the years.  She was engaged to Alex and they were due to be married at our church in October.  Our thoughts and prayers go with her mother and father and Alex and his family.   However, at times such as these we need to make sense of it all.  Kez was a committed Christian and at the centre of her faith was the knowledge that Jesus has promised that a place is prepared for us; that He has gone ahead to prepare this place and one day He will come back to take us to be with Himself.  (John 14) He also tells us that He is the way, the truth and the life.  Kez was one of those people who had followed Jesus in His way, believed and taught His truth and above all, lived that exciting, prayerful, peaceful life that only comes from Jesus. We have comfort because know where Kez has gone and that one day, because of Jesus, we will see her again We draw strength by having Jesus Himself in our lives to speak to us and to be with us in this dark time. When we had her service on 21st June, it was joyous occasion of praise and thanksgiving for her life. Then we were reminded that Jesus asks those of us who have this hope, to go into the world and share it with those who do not know. The question of what happens when we die, is answered by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and His promises.  Not only does it give hope for the future, but also it gives meaning and purpose to life now.  I am sure that Kez will want everyone who reads this article to know that that hope and purpose can be yours. At Christ Church, Moreton Hall we are resolved to keep Kez’s memory safe by continuing our work amongst young people and sharing the good news of Jesus with everyone around us.  It is my hope and prayer that one day you will also come to the place where you have this hope, you know Jesus in your heart and you can follow Him as the way, the truth and the life and come to the Father as Kez has done. With every good wish, Yours sincerely,  Revd. Canon Jonathan Ford.Minister Christ Church Moreton Hall  Christian AidThe final total collected by the house to house collection, the fun run and the church service was £3574.64.  A very big thank you to everybody involved and who gave so generously.  Considering we are in a time of such austerity it is very good that people were so kind to those who have so little.