Ministers Letter for June 2010

You will see from our poster for our all age act of worship for June that we are focusing on the fact that God values everyone. You may think no one loves you but God does and in fact our low opinion of ourselves often hides from us the fact that many around us think more of us that we ever realise. When people find that out and get their live together they then go on to be much more content people and start doing good things for other

One example is all the people who turned up in the wet to do our Christian Aid fun run. It was a great success despite the weather. Many thanks to our Mayor Patsy Warby and her consort Frank for being with us for this event. We promise to make it a bigger and more challenging event next year.

Thank you to all who help with and gave to Christian Aid week this year. Money is still coming in as I write, but we are well on our way to topping £3,000 from both events...

Sadly, we will be closing our Parent and Toddler group from half term. This group has been on operation continuously since 1994 but the present team of volunteers has reduced in numbers, and those who remain do not enjoy good health. We therefore feel that we can no longer offer the same quality of service. We note that adequate childcare can be found elsewhere.

However, Christ Church Moreton Hall will keep the need for childcare under active review. We thank those who have written in offer to help and we are now confident if we can find sufficient leaders and volunteers something will be organised to take its place, possibly in early autumn

We would like to thank all those who have worked so hard for many years for their loyal and dedicated service; all their efforts have been greatly appreciated, by many on the estate.

It is because God values us all, that everything we do at Christ Church is designed to help people. Help them to realise that are valued and that Jesus has a better life for us to enjoy with him. As we move into a time of financial hardship we will have to ask questions what really matters questions like is my worth just my credit rating or the quality of my possessions.
Alternatively, do we have a greater worth? The answer is yes you do because that is why Jesus came and died on a cross. So you could be set free from sin and have a better life in this world and in the one to come.

All he asks you is that you join in with all he is doing to make this world better. Things like Christian Aid that will save a life with every 50p collected. Or Parent and Toddler where we want to help stay at home mums and their children to draw closer to each other and to Jesus. Time to think again for If you are valued by God why not do something in the light of this great truth. Why not come and find out more.

Jonathan Ford