October 2011 Minister's Community newsletter


We all live very hectic and busy lives, and we are worried about the economic downturn and the possible collapse the banks.  Everybody is feeling very stressed and worried at this time.  This worry is expressed in short tempers, gloom  and a sense of low well-being. 

One of the best antidotes to this is friendship.  Friendships, often go by the board in times of difficulty and the rat-race in which we now live.  We have to do so much work, we have to do so much with our families, we have to do so much with other people, that often those deep friendships which we have had maybe since childhood, are put to one side.   

I would like everybody who reads this article to stop and think “when was the last time I saw my best friend?”  Or, “when was the last time I saw a friend who has had a really big impact on my life, or has helped me through dark times in the past?”  This is really the time to pick up the phone, make contact, and get to see them.  Often when we meet up with them, catch up with their news, and they listen to ours, our whole perspective on our lives and theirs changes completely.  Apart from the fact that it is often fun to do, it also brings new life, new hope, and new vigour to your situation.  The fact that there is somebody who is outside your immediate circle but is nonetheless committed to you through friendship, can make a huge difference to our sense of well-being and our desire to get on with life.   

The Bible is full of close friendships, often between men and also between women.  It was these friendships that kept God’s people safe and sane in difficult times, and survived the toughest of challenges.  Therefore, I say to you all whatever else you do, do not neglect your friendships now.   

Christ Church, Moreton Hall is a place where people can not only make new and exciting friendships, but also where we can develop our friendship with God.  Most people think of spirituality and religion as something you do behalf of yourself, or a set of principles and rules.  The reality is quite different.  True spirituality and Christianity in particular, is a friendship; a friendship between God and us.  Of course, God is our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is our saviour, but at the centre of it is a deep love which we could best describe as friendship.  There is somebody who is committed to us for all the right reasons and never expects very much from us in return other than our friendship and our desire to please them as much as they want to please and help us. 

Why don’t you renew your friendships with your earthly friends and seek a more powerful and long lasting one with your heavenly friend who we know as Jesus Christ? 

Christ Church News 


I am very pleased to announce that our Seedlings group, which meets on Mondays, is now full.  The size of the hall means that when we reach certain levels of child and parent attendance it is no longer safe for health and safety reasons to take more.  We are considering how best to deal with this, but for the time being we can only take those who are already on our books.  Please watch out on our website for further information about what is going on. 


We were very pleased to see that so many children enjoyed our Holiday Club and are now attending our new Sunday School called D.I.G. (Delight In God).  Please make sure that your children can have a great deal of fun on Sunday mornings at D.I.G. starting at 10.30 a.m. this Sunday.  Hopefully, lots of young people can come along and find out some exciting things as they did at our Holiday Club.   

Youth Club

Our Youth Club on Wednesdays is now called Puls8.  It starts at 7.00 p.m. and finishes at 9.00 p.m.  Young people from 11 to 18 with a strong church connection are welcome.   

Worship Together Services 10:30 Sunday

Please note that in the next few months we will be having some exciting Sunday Services.  On 6th November we will be having a Shoebox Sunday in which we gather and fill shoeboxes to be sent to eastern European countries so the young people there can have a good Christmas.  Why not get a shoebox and be involved?An advance notice, on 4th December we will have our Christingle Service when all proceeds will go to the Children’s Society.  There will also be a Christmas card and Christmas cake stall run by our youth work to raise money for the Children’s Society.  

With every good wish, 

Yours sincerely, 

Revd. Canon Jonathan Ford.

Minister Christ Church Moreton Hall