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Christ ChurchChrist Church was founded by all the Christian denominations in Bury St. Edmunds in 1985. It is situated on the Moreton Hall estate - a modern housing estate situated the east of Bury St Edmunds with an increasing population of over 7000. Over the years we have developed into a Church where every Christian is able to worship and serve Christ regardless of denomination background. It is our aim to share the love of Christ with everyone, whatever their need, background or past. Christ Church is a Church of England Parish which is completely Ecumencical.Preaching This is a brief outline of our history and how we became a Church in which all Denominations and Traditions works and Worship together as one Fellowship.

October 1985
The first Service in the Community Centre.
October 1987
The appointment of the first Minister - Captain Pat Mottram.
September 1990
Creation of Conventional District and appointment of second Minister, Reverend Jonathan Ford.
January 1991
Raising of the Cross on the land allocated by the council for the new Church building.
October 1991
Launch of building Appeal.
December 1993
Christ Church Moreton Hall opened for the first service.
April 1994
Dedication of Christ Church Moreton Hall.
July 1994
Creation of New Parish.
February 1996
Signing of Declaration of Ecumenical Commitment
October 1996
Launch of Church Extension appeal.
July 1997
Nigel Corwin ordained Deacon, and appointed Curate of Christ Church
December 1997
New Church Hall opened
July 1998
Nigel Corwin ordained Priest
July 1999
Matt Boyes ordained Deacon and appointed Curate of Christ Church
July 2000
Matt Boyes ordained Priest
July 2002
Matt Boyes leaves Christ Church to take charge of his own Parish
September 2004
Student Youthworker Peter Ambler joins Christ Church at the start of his three year course
October 2004
Declaration of Ecumenical Commitment reviewed and signed.
January 2006
Restructuring of church leadership, resulting in creation of Worship, Evangelism, Admin, Ministry, Children & Youth, Finance and Building departments.
June 2007
David Grantham ordained Deacon and appointed Curate of Christ Church
April 2008
Jonathan Ford installed as an honorary Canon at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.
June 2008
David Grantham ordained Priest

Knowing Jesus brings a deep peace, as well as the joy of having His personal friendship. We would like you to find Him too. If you already know Him please feel free to join in with everything we do. This website seeks to give you a clear guide to all we do. If there is anything you need that we have not mentioned please contact us. The Minister, Jonathan Ford is always available to call if required. Christ Church seeks to serve the whole of the Moreton Hall Area.

January 2014 Minister's Blog

2014 marks some significant anniversaries. For some it will be the fifty-first year of Dr. Who; for others the end of their time in office as an elected official. For Christ Church, Moreton Hall, it marks the twenty-first year of ministry in our building, and the twenty-eighth year of a church community on this estate.

In the twenty-three years I have been here I have watched the estate grow from barely one thousand homes to nearly three and half thousand. Soon another five hundred homes will be constructed around the Flying Fortress public house. Then possibly a further one thousand two hundred on the other side of the railway tracks. How are we to respond to all these new people joining us here on Moreton Hall?

For me, at this time of year my thoughts turn to Christmas and its true significance. Jesus Christ was born as a baby to achieve many things – to teach the truth about God; to heal people; to perform miracles; and above all, to die and rise again for our sins. But he also came to create a new sort of community – the church. This was to be a community that worked within the larger community showing by example and through love and forgiveness what human relationships could be like; a place of joy and contentment, laughter and fellowship, but also where the deeper issues that trouble our souls can be dealt with and healed as well as our bodies and our relationships.

October 2013 Minister's Community Newsletter

Since my letter to the Bury Free Press which was reproduced in the Moreton Hall Directory, there has been considerable activity over the issue of the travellers. It has led to a number of meetings with political leaders and conferences with the police. There will be a Meeting with Moreton Hall community leader, David Ruffley MP and Mr Passmore the Police commissioner on Monday the 14th October. There does seem to be a willingness to address this issue and for significant action to be taken to address the problem.

Despite all that has happened, Moreton Hall is not anti traveller. We do understand that provision must be made for their particular needs. This will have to be taken out of the public purse at a time when we are concerned about costs and expenditure. This is only fair and just.

Many people are already booked into the Alpha Course at the Flying Fortress public house this year. It begins with a taster session on 7.30pm 3rd October. If you would like to be included please contact me using the details on the left of this page. The first evening is free and includes a carvery supper. For the subsequent seven sessions there will be a charge of £5.00 for the carvery meal, the course itself being free. Even if you cannot make the initial meeting, you would be very welcome to join us from 10th October onwards. If you miss out on this course, we hope to run another one after Christmas next year.

The Camp on Moreton Hall - Special August Community news letter

Dear Parishioners of Moreton Hall
It is with great sadness I put this newsletter out. The last few weeks have been very difficult for many of us. There have been frequent confrontations with the travellers on both Heldhaw road and Ten acre field. All of this has come as a shock to us who love living on our peaceful and happy estate.

I must commend all the council workers who have come daily to clean up the litter when they can get close enough to do so. What they cannot do is deal with the human waste that is now in the hedge rows. No wonder our children have not returned to playing field in the numbers we have become accustomed to.

Today I have observed the council preventing access to the field next to the community centre. My main reason for posting this is to say if the site is now secure. Any access to the site by caravans must involve significant damage to the hedges and fences. If access is gained I personally can verify that damage has been done. I hope this will cause people to think before acting so that no laws will be broken. We all need to let the legal process take its course.

July 2013 minister's Community News letter

As I prepare this article our thoughts are on two things. One is whether or not Andy Murray will win Wimbledon, and the other is whether the Duchess of Cornwall will give birth to a healthy boy or girl.

By the time you read this, we will know whether Andy Murray has fulfilled the hopes of the nation by his efforts and we will probably know whether the successor to Prince William will be a girl or a boy. Certainly there is nothing like the birth of a child to bring a family together and, of course, it is very likely that the birth of this child will bring the whole nation together.

Birth is a very important dynamic in the Bible. Every great leader and saviour, including Jesus, is born. Some births go unnoticed, bur some like Samson’s and Moses’s are attended to with great interest and, of course, the most recorded of all is Jesus Christ’s himself.

But the Bible is not just concerned about birth, it is concerned about being born again. This is a strange phrase which has caused a lot of controversy in recent years, but what does is actually mean?

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