Jonathan FordThoughts for January 2018

Jesus once said, ‘The thief comes only to rob, kill and destroy.  I have come that you may have life, life in all its fullness.’ 
These are very powerful words from Jesus Christ.  He said them over two thousand years ago and yet they have great relevance for us all today.  As the New Year dawns having enjoyed all the wonders of the Christmas period, we turn to face the stark and uncertain world that lies before us.  We know there will be further tragedies and disasters in an uncertain future.  We also know that both home and abroad many people will experience theft of possessions and loss of status.  Things like child pornography will be rife.  Many more will face illness or see the death of friends, families, loved ones either by terrorists and other causes.  Finally whole ways of life in towns, cities and even civilisations continue to be destroyed through war and other adverse situations.
It is easy to give up and say these problems are too big, or to avoid the situations all together.  However this is where Jesus’ promise is so wonderful.  He says, ‘I have come that you might have life, life in all its fullness’.  This means He understands fully how much people are hurting and he wants to change it.  He has something to offer; not just a return to the life you had before, but a new life, a better life, an abundant life, a life of fulfilment and strength, a life not free from care but with resources to care for those around you and a life which is indeed rich because it is connected to Him and to His world and everyone in it.
How do I access it?  Well, probably in the most unexpected of places firstly, through worship and joining in your local Christian community, but also by meeting Jesus for yourself.  Last year we held an Alpha Course in which a number of people came to Christ Church, learned more about Jesus, received the blessing of the Holy Spirit and suddenly found they had a better quality of life.  We are due to hold another Alpha service on Sunday 28th Jan at 10:30 am. Why not register and come along to that first session of the Alpha course starting on Wednesday 31st January at 7:00pm
There will be a free meal, a powerful video and a chance to discuss what you have seen.  If you decide it is not for you, you can walk away without any commitment.  But if you are intrigued and want to know more over the following few weeks you will receive enough information for you to be able to make an educated choice about Christianity for yourself.  Why not give it a chance?  If you do, I can assure you that the abundant life which we all seek could be yours as you meet Jesus Christ.
If you want more detail or want to find out more about Christ Church why not visit our new website
In my last letter we were getting ready for Christmas. You will be pleased to know the church was completely full for so many services. However we really want to say think you to you for the 906 Shoe boxes that went to Belarus, for the generous giving at our Christingle service, and all the food (many car loads) that went to the food bank. It’s great to see what our community can achieve. Thank you again.
I pray you will be blessed with a very peaceful and happy New Year,
With every good wish,
Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Ford
Revd. Canon Jonathan Ford.
Minister Christ Church Moreton Hall