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July 2020
Dear Friends,
Pastoral Letter July 2020

Sid Hudson
All of Sid’s family would like to thank you all for praying for Sid’s recovery. It looks like being a slow process with little to report each day. Sid was stable enough to have a CT scan this week. Please pray that the results will be good and encouraging. Do keep praying as it is a great comfort to Sid’s family to know we are supporting them this way.

Opening Christ Church, Moreton Hall
As you know, on 19th July we were able to open the church building for public worship for the first time since lock-down. The church was opened from 3.00 to 4.00 p.m., and after fifteen minutes of private prayer there was a half hour long service of prayer and readings. We concluded with another fifteen minutes of private prayer if people wished to stay for the full hour. I am very grateful to Heather Lovell, Claire Johnston and Tish Mortlock for helping facilitate this service.

We plan to continue these weekly services, but I must remind you that if you want to come you need to pre-book by email: Please also look at our church website where you will find details of the rules we have to follow (here). If you do come, we have been asked to retain your name and address for three weeks for NHS test and trace purposes – you will be sent more information about this when you first book. We do hope some of you might feel able to come to these services as we see if this is the right way forward for us in the short term. Obviously we will make alterations as legislation changes.

Young People
We are very concerned about the spiritual development of our young people, as legislation prevents us from running Sunday Schools and Family Services in the traditional way. Therefore, we are approaching parents, Sunday School and Fresh Shoots leaders to see if there are any facilities or resources we can make available for the young people. If you have any ideas or experience in this area, we would be very pleased to hear from you. We ask you to pray for this development, as we do need your spiritual support to get this off the ground.

Online Services
It is our intention to maintain our online services for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your positive comments and to all the people who have taken part, especially Jonathan Corwin for all his expertise and help. It is good to know that over two hundred people have connected with these services since they started. All your comments are greatly appreciated. We will have to take a break from doing online services on the second and third Sundays in August, as both Jonathan Corwin and I need a break. However, we will be back for the end of August and will continue services throughout the autumn. Again, if you have any suggestions on how these services might be improved, please let us know.

I will be taking some time off from duties more generally during the first half of August. If you have any questions or needs during this period, please contact Heather Lovell in the first instance. David Mathers and David Carpenter are also are available to assist with any pastoral needs.

Holy Communion
If you would like some form of Holy Communion Service, please do let us know. At present nobody seems keen to receive Holy Communion given the current health risks. However, there are ways in which this could be done. I would be happy to look into this if there are sufficient people who wish it and are prepared to undergo the restrictions needed.

Thank you to everyone for all the help and support to me and all involved actively in our church over these past months. Please continue to take every precaution as we come out of lockdown. I am praying that you and your family will enjoy a healthy and peaceful summer whether or not you are able to get away for a holiday.

With every good wish,

Yours sincerely,


Jonathan Ford
Revd. Canon Jonathan Ford
Minister of Christ Church Moreton Hall.