February 2018
Dear Church Members,
Pastoral letter for Spring 2018

Jesus said ‘I have come that you may have life, life in all its abundance.’
Many of you will be familiar with this scripture verse from John 10:10.  In it Jesus talks about the reality of human life and also gives a clear vision and promise of what He is about.  He noted that in the world people will suffer death and destruction and, sadly, that is the plight of many today.  It is also true that many people have their childhood stolen and their hopes destroyed by an uncaring world.
We at Christ Church, Moreton Hall, want to join with Jesus to make the possibility of abundant life a reality for ourselves and for those around us.  That is why I enclose a leaflet called ‘Building for the Future 2018’ also entitled ‘Giving to God’.  Throughout January, February and March we will be looking in some depth at our relationship with God, giving thanks to Him for all He has done for us and what is an appropriate response to Him, and for the needs of the world.  In this leaflet we outline our vision for the church for this year and for the few years following. 
First we want to reach out to what is a very young estate with many young families, and we hope to raise sufficient funds for there to be at least a part-time youth worker to do increased schools and youth work. 
Second we also need to strengthen our existing volunteer structure and we would like you to consider prayerfully in addition to supporting the appointment of a youth worker, if you can volunteer some of your time in one of the many opportunities we have in the church.
Finally, as costs continue to rise in these uncertain times, we ask you to consider whether (a) you could come into planned giving or (b) if you are already in planned giving perhaps to increase it to help us do all the work we need to have done in the church and on the estate. 
One of the areas of change is the serving of refreshments after morning services.  Up until now our Home Groups have taken responsibility for that but now it seems right for us to go over to a rota system.  I wonder if you could give up perhaps one Sunday every other month to help serve tea and coffee, so that everybody in the church can feel supported and new faces get a warm welcome.
So, in the next few weeks and months I would ask you to pray very hard and ask God what He is calling you to do, and also to consider what is an appropriate response for all He has done for you already.
In addition in your prayers, would you please hold in readiness our next Alpha course.  If you need to know more about the Christian faith yourself, or renew your faith, why not come and join us on 31st January to find out more?
We all wish to live an abundant life it is only to be found in Jesus Christ and following Him effectively.  Take the opportunity from now till Easter to grow closer to Him. If you do you will find a greater depth and quality to your Christian life and He will show you how to serve Him in a way that is appropriate to you.
I pray that you will be blessed abundantly throughout 2018.

With every good wish,

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Ford
Revd. Jonathan Ford
Minister of Christ Church Moreton Hall.