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Christ Church Moreton Hall was planted by a single group of Christians from different denominations at the instigation of the Council of Churches for Bury St Edmunds, with the consent of the vicar of St Mary’s. Separate groups of Christians did not gather together to form a new Church.

It has always been envisaged that Christ Church Moreton Hall would be a single body working ecumenically in the clearly defined mission area of Moreton Hall estate. Moreton Hall estate was designated a mission area by both Diocese and Churches Together in Bury St Edmunds and District and recognised as such by Churches Together in Suffolk.

PB030138The local geography of the A14 bypass and the railway line make it a separate area from the rest of Bury St Edmunds. The Borough has designated Moreton Hall to be a new community Distinct and separate from the rest of Bury St Edmunds. That is why it is developing new community resources there. The concept of being a new mission Church is a powerful and unifying feature in the character and self understanding of the Church members.


Oct 1983 The Church began
Sep 1987 A Church Army captain was appointed
Sep 1990 A Conventional District was created
Jan 1991 Land negotiated from St Edmundsbury Borough Council and building appeal launched
Dec 1993 Christ Church Moreton Hall opened for the first service
Jul 1994 Dedication of Christ Church & Creation of New Parish from the parishes of St James’s, St Mary’s, Holy Innocents Great Barton, and St Mary’s Rougham
Feb 1996 Signing of Declaration of Ecumenical Commitment
Oct 1996 Launch of Church Extension appeal
Jul 1997 Designated training parish; First SSM* (full-time from 1999)
Dec 1997 New Church Hall opened
Jul 1999 - June 2002 First stipendiary curate
Sep 2004 - July 2007 Youth worker who was a CYM student
Apr 2007 - Apr 2011 Second stipendiary curate
May 2009 Purchased land for Church from Borough
Jun 2012 Second SSM* Priested
Apr 2015 A Parish Nurse was added to our Staff

*SSM: Self-Supporting Minister